How to travel

Flying is the fastest and easiest way to come to the Faroe Islands. 
There are two airlines that fly to the Faroes, Atlantic Airways and SAS. They fly directly from some locations in Europe, but most of the time you will have to transfer in Denmark

SAS (1).jpg

Another option is to sail. Smyril-line's Norrøna sails between Hirtshals in the top of Denmark, the Faroe Islands and  Iceland.
It takes around one and a half day to sail from Denmark to the Faroes, and around one day from Iceland. 
This is a good option if you want to bring your car or camper, but note, that at the Fairy Island Festival, we don't have parking for campers in the camping area, and we don't even have a parking area, so if you do bring your car or camper, you can not bring it all the way to the festival in Norðradal.

We encourage everyone to leave their cars in Tórshavn and take the festival bus from the bus terminal, which is right at the harbor where the boat is arriving.

When you arrive in the Faroes

If you come by boat you will arrive at the harbor in Tórshavn where the bus terminal is as well. From there the festival bus is going directly to the festival.

If you fly, there are buses that go from the airport and to the bus terminal in Tórshavn where the festival bus is going from. 

There is no need to book a space on the festival bus, but if you just want to do it, to be sure to have a space, you can call or text number 00298 533 533. You can see the festival bus schedule on "How to get there".

What to bring


Being in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, the nature and weather of the Faroe Islands is raw and can change quiet quickly.

July is the best time of the year to come, since chances of wind and rain are much lower than the rest of the year.


The average day temperature in July is 13 degrees celcius, but it can even come up to 20 degrees at this time.
The summers are starting to get better and better as the whole world is warming up, so chances for sun and calm weather in July are higher than ever. 


But it's always better to be safe than sorry, so we recommend that you bring an extra sweater, a rain jacket and a pair of good shoes for when you're not barefoot.

You should also make sure that your tent can handle rain, and bring enough pegs for your tent, just to make sure that it doesn't fly away. A good sleeping bag or blanket is also nice to have if the nights get cold.


The good thing is, that when you fly to the Faroes a 23 kg luggage + cabin bag is always included in the price. So just pack everything you think you might need to have a comfortable festival in any condition.