Our vision

Our goal is not simply to create a festival, but to expand an already existing culture. A culture of dancers, free spirits, new thinkers and creative souls. 

This culture is found in many groups around the world, you see it mostly at festivals because this is the starting point. This is where we meet, this is where we are able to let go of the normal version of reality and society, and can create our own new version for a little while. A version with more love, more freedom and more consciousness. 

You see it at festivals like Burning Man or Ozora. A lot of the time it is connected with electronic music, because electronic music is the new sound of the world. A universal sound which can lead you into a state of being where there is no ego, no thinking, just universal love and connection.

So people travel around the world, to meet in different locations, to be a part of this growing movement, and hopefully one day it will expand beyond festivals, and become our new standard of reality.

Imagine a world with a bigger feeling of unity, where people have a more loving connection between one another. Where people work together with nature, instead of exploiting her. A place without judgement, just friendly faces and a lot of meaningful and fun experiences.

Do you believe it's possible? We do! 
 what do we need to reach that level? 

To be able to thrive of course we need our basic needs covered, but beyond that we need to feel loved, feel that we belong. We need to feel that we are leading meaningful lives, in whichever way that manifests  for us. And on top of that we have to have fun, because what is life, if we only live it in stress and and worry? 

We have to be able to let go, stop
 thinking for a while and just be. Present and alive, ready to experience, learn and grow.


We are creating this space so people can gather and create connections. A place where you can come to be free, free to be you and to express yourself.   A place where you can come to dance, relax or get inspired, in the middle of the most beautiful and clean nature.

The Faroe Islands is the perfect place for a gathering like this. The nature is all encompassing and so unspoiled. It is impossible not to get grounded in an environment like this. 

The moment you step on the ground you can feel how clean the air is. When you drink your first sip of tap water you will notice how healthy it tastes, and if you try the water from one of the fresh rivers, you will be amazed at how alive it feels. The changing winds will blow all your worries away, and put your attention on the moment.

When we are in the present we are more open to new possibilities. Life flows in us in a more harmonious way. We are able to feel ourselves and are even able to start to heal our old wounds. To be able to do anything you need to start from the present. 

So come and be in the present with us here at the Fairy Island Festival. Have a break from the usual stressing life, and treat yourself. Dance, have fun, get some new energy flowing through you.

At this festival it's not only about the music. It's a holistic experience. We have different spaces and activities, that you can do depending on how you feel. 

If you're feeling a bit besides yourself or just wanna strengthen your soul connection, we have yoga and breathwork workshops every day that you can go to, to find your zen.

If you wanna do something meaningful, learn something new, or heal your old wounds, you can go to one of our lectures or our alternative treatments.

If you're feeling creative, you can come to one of our artistic workshops, you can for example try out bodypaint, and if you want to get inspired you can go to the art gallery and be blown away.

If you're feeling great and want to celebrate life and express yourself, then come to one of our dancefloors. Here you can just float in the music for hours, get into a trance, feel the connection of all the people and the essential love, that we actually have for each other. This is the most giving experience of being at a festival like this. The realization that we are all one, gets us closer to that dreamlike reality of harmony and love.

Coming together like this, creating connections across countries and cultures and growing as humans, is the true vision of the Fairy Island Festival.

So let's do this together, let's create a revolutionary gathering of open minded people. When we are more people with a focused attention or with the same beliefs, we are energetically stronger, and can actually have an impact on the world.

Let's be the change we want to see!