Will be devoted to Psytrance!


This will be the place you come to when you want to get lost in the music, or when you want to celebrate life in the highest way possible, through dance!

With our high quality sound system, you will be able to feel the sound vibrating inside your body, so you can truly feel at one with the music.

The stage will be decorated by Loony-Moon Deco, one of the best Italian decoration teams and record label. 

They have decorated psytrance festivals all over the world like Mo:Dem festival in Croatia, Hadra festiaval in France, Samsara festival in Brazil and many more.

And now you can experience their  breathtakingly beautiful psychedelic decoration at The Fairy Island Festival!

Looney moon deco.jpg

Of course we will also have visual mapping. 

Not just any visual mapping, 
Delta Process a widely known and loved multimedia art collective, will be coming with their moving futuristic, geometrical visuals. 

They are working at some of the biggest festivals and parties in the world, like Boom Festival in Portugal, Ozora festival in Hungary, Hilltop Goa in India and many more.

We know the importance of good speakers, beautiful deco and psychedelic mapping at festivals to really feel in a different world, so we made sure to get the best!

Delta Process at Mo:Dem festival 2017