Alternative stage


The alternative stage is a smaller stage, where a variety of electronic music will be played.

by Laura Aurora, a very creative and talented Belgian girl, will be decorating the alternative stage in a colorful, uplifting, fairytale theme. 

It's both a place where you can come and chill out, and a place where you can dance to deep and powerful sounds. 

At this stage a mixed selection of genres will be played.
You can experience: chillout, downtempo, house, techno, glitch, global music, psytech, breakbeat, progressive and dark prog. 

In the mornings it will be slower and more relaxed, in the daytime all kinds of alternative electronic, and then some more power in the sound in the evenings and nights.  

Following the changing rhythms of nature, throughout the day and night.

Live acts and DJs coming from all over Europe will take you on a smooth and ecstatic journey on the dance floor.